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T.S. Wiley on Let’s Talk Radio – June 2011


Ask T.S. Wiley! with Sean Croxton on UW Radio


T.S. Wiley on Health Smart with Sherrie Rodi


Radio Interview with Dr. Stephen Dalton


Radio Interview with Dr. Fred Bloem


Radio Interview with Dr. Patricia Ryan


Radio Interview with Dr. Delmi Behr


Radio Interview with Pharmacist Misty Appling


Radio Interview with Pharmacist Anthony Westmoreland





T.S. Wiley: Why Hormones Don’t Have Anything to Do with Cancer


T.S. Wiley: Andropause Symptoms


T.S. Wiley: Life Expectancy vs. Quality of Life


Do Bioidentical Hormones Make You Fat?


Dr. Robert Mathis on the Wiley Protocol Bioidenticals and Symptom Relief


Hormones and T.S. Wiley are a Big Topic for Valorie Davidson, N.D.


Celeste Yarnall on The Wiley Protocol Bioidenticals


T.S. Wiley: Male Hormone Replacement


Doctor Couple Treats Couples for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy



Dr. Yun Ching Chen: The Wiley Protocol Gives Women a Platform to Cope and Feel Better


TS Wiley: Why Bioidentical Hormones Should Be Rhythmic


Prescribing the Wiley Protocol – Dr. Christian Renna


How to Research Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


Dr. Christian Renna Recommends Patients Read “Sex, Lies and Menopause”


Dr. Christian Renna on How to Use the Wiley Protocol


How to Stop Having Hot Flashes – Melinda Renna


Dr. Christian Renna Says Demand for Wiley Protocol is Growing


Melinda Renna Believes T.S. Wiley is a True Pioneer


Dr. Mitchell Fleisher: The Wiley Protocol Offers Real Scientific Approach to Hormone Therapy


Bioidenticals and Standardization as seen by Dr. Mitchell Fleisher


Dr. Ridley’s Patients Feel Like themselves Again on the Wiley Protocol


Medical Student Janet Hranicky Notes a Lack of Education About Hormone Replacement


Julia Parker Says T.S. Wiley’s book, Sex, Lies and Menopause Makes So Much Sense


T.S. Wiley’s Knowledge of Endocrinology is More Profound than any Professor Says Dr. Fleisher


No More Depression Says Dr. Deborah Werenko


Gretchen Jones Talks about Sleeping Again on the Wiley Protocol


Wiley Protocol User Celeste Yarnall


Julie and Ola Johnson Talk About the Wiley Protocol Bioidential Hormones

Wiley Protocol User Carlola Cuenca


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Hot Flashes and Sleep


Patricia Diorio Talks About the Miracle of the Wiley Protocol


Hormones are Dose Dependent and Require Peaks for Hormone Receptor Response


Dr. Patricia Ryan’s Patients Feel Great on the Wiley Protocol Bioidentical Hormones


Wiley Protocol Prescriber Dr. Robert Apgar’s Patients LOVE this bioidentical hormone therapy.


Wiley Protocol Is Easier To Manage Than Static Dosing


Compounding Pharmacist Brenda Adams on the Wiley Protocol Bioidenticals


T.S. Wiley: Make Sure You Get the Genuine Wiley Protocol


T.S. Wiley: Standardization in the Wiley Protocol BioIdentical Hormones


Compounding Pharmacist Mike Shah Talks about the Wiley Protocol