What is The Wiley Protocol?

The Wiley Protocol is the first and only standardized form of compounded hormone replacement therapy currently on the market. The Wiley Protocol consists of topical/transdermal bioidentical hormones in topical cream preparations that are dosed to mimic natural levels of hormone produced by your body when you were young. We provide protocols for both women and men, as well as complimentary hormone protocols.

The creams and their amounts are designed to vary over the course of a 28-day cycle as youthful hormone levels naturally fluctuate. The Wiley Protocol targets hormone levels found in reproductive youth because incidences of heart disease, stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are not usual concerns for young healthy individuals.

Prescriptions for the authentic Wiley Protocol can only be obtained from one of our Wiley Registered Pharmacies across the globe. Each prescription comes in color-coded applicators and matching bags complete with dosing instructions. If your prescription does not originate from one of our approved affiliates, and if it is not provided in The Wiley Protocol trademarked packaging, then you can be assured that you are not receiving the authentic Wiley Protocol and we can make no claim or guarantee as to the safety or efficacy of your treatment.

Why Choose The Wiley Protocol?

The Wiley Protocol is the only BHRT that has been developed under the scrutiny of a practicing Oncologist. Over the last ten years, clinical data and anecdotal statistics have been gathered from thousands of women ages 19-90 who are on The Wiley Protocol, supporting a profile of safety and efficacy.

Additionally, The Wiley Protocol and its multi-phasic physiologic dosing have been part of an ongoing oncological study that is the first of its kind to track and quantify outcomes of BHRT in women with breast cancer based on the dosing patterns and administration of BHRT. The principal objective of the study is to examine clinical outcomes and quality of life indicators of patients receiving BHRT at various primary care provider practices.


The term refers to plant-derived molecules that are identical to the ones produced in our own bodies and come from organic sources. Synthetic hormone molecules are lab engineered versions that are similar, yet not naturally occurring in our anatomy.

There’s always the risk of adverse effects that go along with introducing synthetic chemicals into your natural system. Conversely, by using bioidentical hormones, your body is better able to recognize and respond to treatment, and adverse effects are rare.


This term means to mimic nature, which is exactly what The Wiley Protocol aims to do. At no point does your body maintain static amounts of any hormone. Your biological systems are constantly changing and responding to one another in a synchronic environment.

The levels of hormone in The Wiley Protocol vary throughout 28-day cycles. The purpose of dosing in a rhythm as opposed to statically (the same dose every time) is to better mimic the hormone levels the body naturally produces, as well as to maintain hormone receptor response through cyclical reset. It’s a no-brainer that health and quality of life dwindle as we age, and so do hormone levels and function. So why not restore hormones to healthier levels like those of youth if quality of life and wellbeing are the ultimate goals?


This term refers to any preparation made to pass through skin, as opposed to being taken orally, intravenously, or via a suppository or pellet. The Wiley Protocol is applied on the skin in a neutral base cream to prevent hormones from metabolizing and filtering out through the liver as they would if taken orally. In an effort to better quantify the effect of individual application amounts, the protocol works best in base cream made of coconut oil as opposed to gels, patches, aerosols, etc. due to the transmission of lipid molecule to lipid molecule (aka fat in the cream to fat in your skin).

Why Standardize?

Pharmaceutical compounding is like bartending. You can order a martini at any bar, but it will never be the same exact drink from place to place. Each pharmacist—or bartender in this example—has their own set of preferred methods for mixing, preferred ingredients, even preferred ratios and glassware depending on what the doctor ordered. You might get a martini on the rocks with a twist, or you might get one in a martini glass with an olive. This leaves an incredible amount of guesswork up to the compounding pharmacist.

However, The Wiley Protocol has been designed in such a way that eliminates the guesswork for providers and patients alike. The Wiley Protocol has strived to be a standardized product. All Wiley Registered Pharmacies have gone through training to adhere to standards of methods, materials, packaging, and pricing to ensure that there is no deviation from prescription to prescription or pharmacy to pharmacy. With The Wiley Protocol, all any practicing physician needs to write is “The Wiley Protocol” and send it to an affiliated WileyRegistered Pharmacy. When it comes to compounded hormones, only The Wiley Protocol has been simplified in an effort to maximize safety, efficacy, and ease of use for doctor, patient, and pharmacist.

Where to get The Wiley Protocol?

The Wiley Protocol products are only available via select physicians and health care providers nationwide, and through select Wiley Registered™ compounding pharmacies. All Wiley Protocol products are individually standardized, compounded with FDA approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and tested quarterly from a third-party facility.

While we work with a community of Wiley-trained providers, any physician can prescribe The Wiley Protocol at any time by writing a prescription for “The Wiley Protocol” to be filled at any one of our Wiley Registered Pharmacies. We provide training and educational materials for any practicing physician or compounding pharmacy looking to learn more about or offer The Wiley Protocol. We’ve simplified the process from doctor to pharmacy to patient to allow for optimal care, streamlined fulfillment, and far more ease of use when it comes to compounded BHRT.

Our Mission

Overall healthy hormonal function and quality of life is the mission of The Wiley Protocol. We achieve this by implementing high standards of safety, efficacy, and production to ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment possible. There are countless options for hormone replacement therapies out there, but none of them address the root of hormones controlling health quite as well as The Wiley Protocol does.