The Authentic WP: Warning to Wiley Protocol® Patients and Prescribers

At Wiley Systems, we welcome any interested qualified compounding pharmacy to join our community and become a Wiley Registered Pharmacy, allowing them to fill Wiley Protocol prescriptions. The requirements are not stringent, and involve a short training, a legal agreement to provide the Wiley Protocol to specification upon receiving such prescriptions, a contract to assure they will only put Wiley Prescriptions in Wiley Protocol packaging, and that they will use our required source of ingredients to assure consistency.

Even though we welcome new members, there are many pharmacies that for one reason or another simply aren’t interested. This is their right, and at any time they are welcome to join our network.

Recently, we’ve discovered many unscrupulous pharmacies that are choosing not to sign up, but claim to doctors and patients that they are compounding The Wiley Protocol.  Please keep in mind that unless a pharmacy is on our Registered Pharmacy list found here, they are not in fact a Wiley Registered Pharmacy.  This means they cannot by law use the name Wiley Protocol, nor have they been trained on the correct procedures to compound our specific formulations.  In addition, they also don’t have access to our custom labeled and colored packaging, dosing schedules, calendars, or prescription insert materials.  It’s very likely that they probably don’t know anything about The Wiley Protocol, and you may be risking your health with a pharmacy that doesn’t know what they are doing with a very particular type of BHRT.

What this means to you as a Wiley Protocol patient is that you may not be getting anything resembling The Wiley Protocol.  The ingredients could come from any supplier, the concentration of active ingredients can be stipulated to be anything, and your dosing could be literally anything.  The entire point of The Wiley Protocol is what we refer to as, “Standardization”, which means accountability, and consistency. For a BHRT regimen to be standardized, it needs to have the following characteristics in common:

-Dosing: The Wiley Protocol is the ONLY patented, rhythmic-cyclical dosed BHRT regimen in the world.  We have very specific dosing over 28 day cycles that have been calibrated over the last 10 years.  Thousands of women and men have been part of getting our system to where it is today.  Even the personalized dosing adjustments we teach the physicians are specific to our system because it all works together.  If for some reason you are not receiving your Wiley Protocol prescription in branded, Wiley Protocol packaging, then we cannot guarantee that you are being given the actual Wiley Protocol product or the proper dosing.  The unique dosing of The Wiley Protocol’, results in unique outcomes for patients, but only if the Protocol is actually followed. 

-Packaging: The Wiley Protocol is color coded in bright, easy to recognize colors. This reduces confusion for pharmacies and patients.  We also use special gasket-less syringes (no little black rubber ring to dissolve into your hormones!) to maintain the integrity of the compounded product.  In addition, we brand and print Wiley Protocol  logo on every syringe and bag along with contents, concentration, and correct dosing schedule.  If your prescription is not in Wiley applicators and bags, we cannot guarantee you have been given the actual Wiley Protocol.  Look for our colors, our logo and our name on every syringe and every bag you’re given.  If you don’t see our name, logo and the right colors, it’s not The Wiley Protocol. 

-Ingredients: All Wiley Protocol Registered Pharmacies are required to use a single source for ingredients on Wiley formulations.  This ensures that if there is an issue with the ingredients, we can quickly and efficiently ascertain the issue and remedy it with the supplier.  If your prescription is not in Wiley applicators and bags, we cannot guarantee the source or purity of your compounded product. It is not the Wiley Protocol.

-Formulation: The Wiley Protocol products are made according to very strict and specific compounding guidelines including the quantity per batch, and strength of the product.  Our dosing schedule and modifications to it by your physician are only applicable at the specified concentrations we train our pharmacists to make.  If your prescription is not in Wiley Protocol packaging, we cannot guarantee that the formulation is the right strength, and that the Wiley dosing schedule will work. 

The reason the Wiley Protocol was developed in the first place was so that that patients, physicians, and pharmacists could all speak the same “language”.  No more confusing tubes of identical looking hormones with smudged paper labels.  No more printed directions written separately that could easily be lost.  No more guesswork for the pharmacist filling BHRT scripts about concentrations, delivery method, or ingredients.  Make it Easy, Make it Right™; that’s our motto at the Wiley Protocol, however, part of making it right is everyone following the rules.  That means signing up, learning the formulations, filling prescriptions in the stipulated concentrations and in the correct packaging for the sake of the patients.

If for any reason you suspect you might not be getting the real Wiley Protocol from one of our registered pharmacies, or that the pharmacy filling your Wiley Protocol prescription is not one of our Registered Pharmacies, please contact us at .  We will keep the information in strict confidence and will never report you to your pharmacist or doctor, if you wish to remain anonymous.

Patients and their safety are our first concern at Wiley Systems. That’s why we standardized. For your own sake, and the sake of the thousands of other Wiley Protocol patients in the world, please speak up if you suspect something isn’t right.

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